Despite it’s appearance asphalt is an extremely porous substance, susceptible to damage by rain, sunlight and chemicals such as fuel oil and gasoline. Left unprotected, an asphalt driveway will fade, soften and pit (especially where it is exposed to gasoline and motor oil), and eventually crumble, requiring major repair. Sealcoating, however, covers the entire asphalt with a flat black coat of coal tar pitch that seals the minute pores in the asphalt surface.

As it dries it hardens to form a tough, protective “skin” that keeps your asphalt surface looking clean and new and resists deterioration from sun, rain, gasoline and chemicals. Perfect Seal Coating offers innovative, industry-leading solutions for your pavement and asphalt maintenance needs. We use the best products available to achieve cost-effective, field-proven results. Our loyal customers consider us the preferred resource in their efforts to extend the wear life of their valuable pavement assets.


A sealcoat provides lasting protection against the damaging effects of water, petroleum, and the extremes of New England weather. Sealcoating improves your propertys resale value and enhances the appearance of your home or office with a slick, airport-grade finish. It is also a cost-effective way of extending the life of your driveways or parking lots surface. For a fraction of the cost of replacing damaged asphalt, you can sealcoat its surface, preventing damage and extending its life considerably!

Line Striping

Your parking lot area is the first physical interaction with the customer. Professional Line Striping is an effective and economical way to brighten up your business and make it more inviting to customers. Many business owners and their customers agree that a parking lot should look clean and inviting and be easily navigable. Please allow us to help you achieve that goal. We provide professional line striping and related services using top quality equipment and materials, at reasonable costs.

Crack Filling

New England weather is tough on asphalt.  Pavement cracks 1/4″ or larger can cause premature deterioration of your pavement.  Rely on Zebra Striping’s technically trained crew to use professional crack sealing tools and equipment to:

Sports Courts

Perfect Seal has large experience repairing and resurfacing recreational courts and playgrounds including: Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, Inline Skating Facilities, Skate Parks, Playgrounds, and related Recreational Surfaces.We have been specially trained and approved to apply/install the premium products and surface systems availables on the market.

Why install asphalt properly is so important?

Extend the life of your Asphalt pavement. and improve its appearance as well.