Why install asphalt properly is so importante.

Despite it’s appearance asphalt is an extremely porous substance, susceptible to damage by rain, sunlight and chemicals such as fuel oil and gasoline. Left unprotected, an asphalt driveway will fade, soften and pit (especially where it is exposed to gasoline and motor oil), and eventually crumble, requiring major repair. Sealcoating, however, covers the entire asphalt with a flat black coat of coal tar pitch that seals the minute pores in the asphalt surface.

As it dries it hardens to form a tough, protective “skin” that keeps your asphalt surface looking clean and new and resists deterioration from sun, rain, gasoline and chemicals. Perfect Seal Coating offers innovative, industry-leading solutions for your pavement and asphalt maintenance needs. We use the best products available to achieve cost-effective, field-proven results. Our loyal customers consider us the preferred resource in their efforts to extend the wear life of their valuable pavement assets.

We begin with a professional strength sealer, formulated to federal government standards for airport runways. Then we mix in nitrile and latex rubber for increased durability, and add silica sand for a non-slip surface.

That provides a coating which lasts for years, unlike the 5 gallon pail products available to homeowners.

Our method of application leaves a rich, thick coating, and eliminates those horrible looking random brush or squeegie  marks associated with do-it-yourself applications.

Did you know that asphalt pavement, properly installed, virtually never wears out? Instead, it is `ruined` by not sealing it.

Advantages of sealed asphalt :

Advantages of sealed asphalt :

Why install asphalt properly is so important?

Extend the life of your Asphalt pavement. and improve its appearance as well.