Why install asphalt properly is so importante.

Extend the life of your Asphalt pavement. and improve its appearance as well!

We begin with a professional strength sealer, formulated to federal government standards for airport runways. Then we mix in nitrile and latex rubber for increased durability, and add silica sand for a non-slip surface. That provides a coating which lasts for years, unlike the 5 gallon pail products available to homeowners.

Our method of application leaves a rich, thick coating, and eliminates those horrible looking random brush or squeegie  marks associated with do-it-yourself applications.


Did you know that asphalt pavement, properly installed, virtually never wears out?
Instead, it is `ruined` by not sealing it.

Advantages of sealed asphalt:

-Seals out water;

-Resists gas and oil spillage;

-Prevents oxidation from the sun;

-Eliminates surface deterioration;

-Beautifies and protects your property.